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Angelica Timas Closes Boston Fashion Week

Boston fashion is emerging with many thanks to designers like local Angelica Timas. Her ready to wear collections have hit the runways of major cities like New York, Vancouver, Providence at fours season of StyleWeek and current invitations to L.A., Paris, Chicago and Cannes.

Her European back ground can be seen in her stunning cuts and sexy design that still hold to a classy look fit for a lady. Timas is taking her first shot at Boston Fashion Week in staying true to her roots and being more involved with the community style here in the city.

Timas is a go big or go home type of gal and will be closing out the week with by far the best venue to host a production at the Old South Church in Boston's chic Back Bay.

The show is next to sold out with VIP pre-entertainment at 7pm, a mix and mingle with their handmade leather clutches by Timas herself filled with the cities hottest trinkets from accessory designers Nicole D'Andrea and more. The evening will begin at 8pm with a special performance by Dance Group Soldierz with Daumos following at 8:15pm. There will be an 8:30pm intermission with Motown Recording Artist Danielle Andrews.

At 9pm the "battle of personality" Timas designs will take the runway in the breath taking church. To end the evening a post after party at GEM night club with champagne and reserved tables for the guest list invites.

The theme of the show is two beauty women with style and completely different personality going head to head on the runway.

#Flamboyant; A true humanitarian and activist constantly involved in her community. She is caring, nurturing and intelligent. Worked her way to pay for her law degree, yet refuses to leave her community behind.

#Bourgeoise; A dreamer, notorious for her profligacy and arvice. Smart but prefers the easy way out. Her ambition didn't allow her to remain in the community for long. She marries a wealthy business man.

Guests are encouraged to vote on social media using the #hashtags for their favorite designs.

Designer Bio

Angelica Timas moved to Boston, USA as a teenager, where she completed high school, undecided between voices of passion and a reason, a degree in fashion was not an option early on in life.

Angelica earned two Master’s degrees in Professional Studies in Informatics and Computer Science though her plan to pursue her PH.D in the same field was place on hold when she decided to pursue her passion for fashion. A full time Senior Software Developer, wife, mother and CEO of her brand Angelica Timas, her dream is surely a reality.

With no formal training in fashion Angelica has mastered her skills by self-taught knowledge and true passion for what she envisions in her work. The aesthetic of her collections are inspired by various passions: Her culture, her history, nature, her love for architecture and the simple things that life has to offer.

Brand Bio

At the heart of the brand there’s an alter-ego her name is Chikke, she is confident, she is high spirited, fun, strong, she is on the go but slows down to enjoy the night, she has a versatile yet a unique taste which makes her have a style all her own.

The concept behind the label, is “low maintenance”, “simple”, and “versatile” fashion. Each collection features edgy yet classic, while the aesthetic is a fusion of asymmetry, minimalism, and color.

Angelica Timas is a clothing label that offers its clientele limited collections of luxurious pieces. Each piece is unique and hand-crafted, made in small quantities giving a real exclusive and individual feel.

“I design primarily for the woman who shares the same traits as Chikke, the versatile woman who is also a trendsetter who is bold, simple, but very elegant and chic.” Angelica Timas

In a previous interview...

How long have you been designing for?

I have been sketching since high school, but piled it away along the years. I have been working on my brand behind the scenes (closet designer per se) for more than 6 years, and decided to official launch my brand February 2014.

What was the catalyst in you pursuing your aspirations of becoming a fashion designer?

I’ve always had a passion for fashion I initially started college majoring in Fashion Designing but life circumstances offered me a detour to a major that I could obtain a job and a reasonable salary immediately after graduating. Fashion remained a passion for years following, until I hit the ‘big 40’. I found myself rethinking my life and there was a void, an emptiness, instead of continuing my pursuit of a post-graduate degree I decided to follow my passion, Fashion!

At 15 you moved from Portugal to the USA. Are there elements of Portugal that still inspire you in your designs?

AT: Most definitely! The European appeal as well and the Island flavor can be seen in each collection.

Where do you draw the most inspiration from?

At the heart of the brand there’s an alter-ego Chikke, she is confident, she is high spirited, fun, strong, she is on the go but slows down to enjoy the night, she has a versatile yet a unique taste which makes her have a style all her own. She is my muse.

The aesthetics of each collection is very influenced by various passions: my culture, my history, nature and the simple things that life offers. Each collection is a fusion of asymmetry, minimalism and color, incorporating exotic fabrics and leather.

Your plan was to originally pursue your PH.D in Computer Science. How difficult was it deciding to change into the fashion industry?

It wasn’t difficult at all. Pursuing a PH.D was a personal goal, but reaching 40 and the 2 years prior, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I felt a sense of void that no matter how many degrees and certifications I held, it was still there. I came across a couple of boxes holding my sketches some dated 1992, I realized then that I need to pursue my passion, there was the voice of reason and the voice of passion, I opted for the later, but still work full time as a software developer.

Did you always know that you had a love for fashion? Or was it an impulse change?

I always knew early on in life that fashion designing was what I wanted to do. I actually started college as a Fashion Design major but within the first semester I changed to Computer Science, because I needing to earn a decent income after graduating college to support myself, and fashion degree wasn’t going to do it. Fashion was parallel to my professional life, I continued to sketch years following.

How different has your career been than what you imagined when you first entered the Fashion Industry?

It’s been a learning experience because I started as a hobby I wasn’t looking to have a business, but the brand took a life of its own. I couldn’t imagine that it would bloom so beautifully. The business side has been the most challenging as I wasn’t prepared of it, I am still learning everyday about the business of fashion and, oh boy what a challenge!

What has been the biggest challenge you've faced in this industry?

The fashion industry has become a very competitive industry; the competition is ever more intense as well as the challenges an emerging designer faces to become recognized. My challenge has been PR and Marketing. My obstacle is time management, branding requires a lot of effort and time, working full time, managing my daughter’s career and keeping up with her demanding schedule in addition to jump starting my clothing line, time became of essence.

What advice would you have for someone that was in a similar position and wanting to change their work field?

You are your biggest obstacle! It took me more than 15 years to realize that the only thing standing between me and my dream was my fear of failing, fear that people would not like my clothing, fear that I would not succeed. It’s okay to have those fears, we all do. What you needed is determination and the willingness to work hard to achieve that dream.

Do you have any advice for budding fashion designers?

Take each ‘no’ and each hindering obstacle and evolve from it, get better, stay positive, keep pushing and believe.

You’re a self-taught designer. Was there anyone in your family with a design background or knowledge, or how did you learn?

Not that I am aware of, I think I am the first. I have no formal training in fashion; everything I know, all skills acquired and mastered was self-taught and a true passion for what I envisioned in my work. When I decided to learn about the craft, I purchase a sewing machine a pattern and fabric. Today, I make my own patterns and the learning continues to be an evolving process.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your brand?

The concept behind the label, is “low maintenance”, “simple”, and “versatile” fashion. Each collection features edgy yet classic, while the aesthetic is a fusion of asymmetry, minimalism, and color.

What makes Angelica Timas a unique women’s wear line?

The ability to provide structured garments and maintain the “minimalism” aspect of the brand’s concept without being too boring.

Words that come to my mind when I think of the brand Angelica Timas' are modern, bold, brave, spirited, opulent and unapologetic.  How do you describe your brand?   

Minimalist, Versatile, Simple, Low Maintenance with a twist of Daring and a dash of Bold.

Are Angelica Timas' clothing designed for a particular type of woman?

I design primarily for the woman who shares the same traits as Chikke, the versatile woman who is also a trendsetter who is bold, simple, but very elegant and chic, she is the everyday woman.

Tell us more about who is Chikke. Do you think every woman possesses  an inner Chikke?

Instead of opting for a human muse who sometimes people either like or dislike. I concocted an alter-ego, Chikke, she’s a persona who embodies what the brand is about, and she conveys our motto, which is: “She is a fun funky diamond in the rough with a style all her own!”

Absolutely, every woman has an inner Chikke. The everyday woman who is on the go, she can dress up or dress down, she is a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, she is a warrior, a fighter, she’s professional, she is fun and high spirited, but she is also elegant and chic. Every women possesses one of more of these traits, therefore she can relate to our brand.

Boston Fashion Week is fast approaching. You have a runway show on Friday, 30 September 2016 at the Old South Church. The title of the show is Angelica Timas Presents | SS17 | Flamboyant vs. Bourgeoise. It sounds like a showdown of fashion fierceness. For those that are attending, what can they expect?

It is definitely a showdown. Is a settlement of scores between to friends who happen to have a major rivalry when it comes to fashion. Expect to pick your style between Flamboyant and Bourgeoise.

How involved were you in developing this runway event as far as coming up with the concept, selecting models and etc.?

I am very involved in every step from the creative perspective, selecting fabrics, patterns making and production, selection of models that will convey the theme of the show, make-up and hair style creative ideas, and making sure my vision for the runway comes to fruition.

What are your plans for the future of your brand?

My short term goal is brand awareness, working on growing my client base and continue to work towards brand loyalty, the long-term plan is to have my line in boutiques that have the same creative vision and clients that relate to my brand’s moto.


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