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The 5th Annual Women's New Year Empowerment Conference and Brunch

Some of the city’s finest business women will be power mingling right into the New Year this Saturday at an event focused to motivate that is founded by radio host, business entrepreneur, and style maven Anna Foster.

The 5th Annual Women's New Year Empowerment Conference and Brunch. Themed “Year of the Ask,” the event will be held on Saturday, January 7, 2017, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at Lombardo’s, located at 6 Billings Street, Randolph, MA. The conference will include leadership-focused breakout sessions and panel discussions led by women in the Boston business community. The brunch will feature keynote speaker Gerri Mason Hall, Sodexo Senior VP and Chief Human Resources Officer, and guest speaker Denise Kaigler, Founder and Principal of MDK Brand Management, LLC. Janelle Woods McNish, Mrs. Massachusetts 2013 and Mrs. Massachusetts USA Universal 2015, will serve as the event host and emcee.

“My goal during our ‘Year of the Ask’ conference and brunch is to empower and inspire women by providing a platform for networking, connecting, learning and growing,” said Anna Foster, Founder and CEO, A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand. “Every attendee will benefit professionally and personally as they learn valuable skills that can be applied in today’s business world.”

More than 200 women will gather to learn how to change personally and professionally in 2017 to have the life they desire. Five breakout sessions will be facilitated by inspirational women leaders. The sessions include: Transformation Leadership; Earning Millions through Government Certification and Contracting; the Power of Non-profits Today; The Art of Selling and Motivational Interviewing; and The Art of Listening.

Kaigler said: “Founding and managing my business after a 25-year career in corporate has been rewarding and empowering, thanks in large part to support I've received from a caring network of women. Whether or not you own a business, it's so important for women to take advantage of opportunities to connect, learn and share with each other and this women’s conference is that perfect opportunity."

Scene&Style was able to catch up with two of the featured women that will be taking center stage at the conference and get in depth with their background, goals for 2017 and how they came to be a part of the empowerment brunch.

Taisha Crayton will serve as a facilitator/speaker of the breakout session portion of the event. Crayton is a speaker, entrepreneur, author and business leader. She serves as Deputy Director of Contractor Certification at The Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM). She has a degree in Management Information Systems from Northeastern University and has 22 years of experience in business and construction management. Taisha has also studied Minority & Women Executive Leadership at Dartmouth College, TUCK business school and has achieved high levels of success during her career paths in the banking, financial, technology, and construction industries.

In her position as Deputy Director at DCAMM, Taisha manages the daily operations of the Contractor Certification Office ensuring DCAMM fulfills its statutory obligation in certifying contractors to bid and perform work on vertical public projects throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in accordance with Chapter 149 & 149a. Her office reviews over 1,100 contractor Certificate of Eligibility applications per year.

As an entrepreneur, consultant and speaker, Taisha specializes in helping small emerging, minority and women owned businesses get in position to win. It was during one of the roughest seasons of her family’s life that her and her husband began their journey of entrepreneurship. After they both lost their six figure jobs, broke and in foreclosure, they were able to take $21 and turn it into a $2million business.

Their principles on success are shared in a series of books and workshops where they outline their journey to “Redefining Success.”

When chatting with Crayton it was revealed that she has attened the conference many times, last year performed the invocation and she is no stranger to a maven lifestyle.

How did you hear about it and how do you know Anna? “I heard about the conference via Anna. Anna and I are business associates turned friends. We have been friends for over a decade. We support each other personally and professionally and share many of the same values. She is an amazing person that gives in abundance of herself to help others succeeds.”

When asked what she may hope to gain from her first conference Crayton responded, “I am looking to come together with like-minded women who putting their ASK in the atmosphere for their faith, their family and their finances/business and acting upon it.”

With so much already accomplished one could wonder what her plans are for 2017, “I plan to release the 2nd edition of Redefining Success co-authored with my husband, increase opportunity for us as authors and speakers, empower others to transforms their lives for good success on the principles of building true wealth in life, breaking down barriers and owning their power.”

Another highlight to hit the stage on Saturday will be Joan Ramage. Joan is the Corporate Sales Consultant, Lombardo’s Conference and Function Facility in Randolph, Ma. and has been working as a sales professional since 1991.

Since 2006, Joan has been coordinating corporate events at Lombardo’s for companies such as Herb Chambers, Eastern Bank, Boston Public Schools, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston Police, Boston University, Archdiocese of Boston, Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts, CitiBank, Xerox, Dunkin Brands, etc. Her dedication and commitment to building long lasting relationships has made her a leader in the hospitality industry. In 2013 she was appointed to the Women’s Business Connection with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, where she is making a difference in the community. Joan will be speaking on The Art of Selling at the 5th Annual Women’s New Year Brunch and Conference.

Scene&Style was also able to snag Ramage for a few minutes and gain some of her insight on the upcoming event.

Have you attended the conference before? “No, this is my first time and I am very excited.”As most all in attendance have some sort of connection with Foster Joan mentioned, “I have worked with Anna on several events here at Lombardo's. We have become great friends and I admire her work ethics and all she does for women and supporting local businesses.”

When asked what do you hope to get out of the conference? Ramage replied, “As a speaker on The Art of Selling, I am hoping to encourage women by giving them some simple ideas on how to improve these skills. I am looking forward to networking and building some new relationships with these fabulous women.”

Business women always set high expectations for themselves and this year Ramage’s plans are as follow, “I feel that 2017 is going to welcome me with open arms. There will be new ideas, new relationships and most of all just making a difference in the community and people's lives.” She also mentioned, “I am working on Winterfest. This is a great networking event sponsored by the South Shore Chamber's Women's Business Connection. My husband, Joe Ramage, will be performing. He is an acoustic guitarist/singer. Several local restaurants and live cooking demonstrations, wine tasting and lots of fun!”

A Maven’s World Lifestyle brand is ringing in the New Year with a bang. The fashion and motivational maven is bringing some of the city’s top power players into one room this Saturday for coffee talk focused on engaging and inspiring women of today.

Sponsors for the conference include Baxalta, KIND Snacks, MDK Brand Management, and Miss Jessie’s.

A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand was established in 2010 by Anna Foster, founder and chief executive officer. A Maven's World Lifestyle Brand consists of products, events, and services that evoke an emotional lifestyle connection among individuals. The company motivates, inspires, and guides individuals to improve their own lifestyle personally, professionally, and socially.

To learn more about the conference, please visit: or Tickets are $80 for general admission, $125 for VIP, $600 for five reserved VIP seats, and $1,200 for 10 reserved VIP seats. For vendor, group tickets, and sponsorship information, please contact

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