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Boston Artist Kyle Davis is L.A. Bound for Grammys

Photo by Joe Haray Photography

Boston has produced centuries of hit song writers and singers and in 2017 local Kyle Davis is demanding the same attention with the magnetic response he is getting in the scene with his newly released singles.

As an artist, a powerful voice has the ability to capture an audience the moment they step on stage. Pair that soulful voice with gifted songwriting and what you have is not only a gift, but a rarity. Singer/Songwriter Kyle Davis is one of those rarities.

A natural storyteller with an inevitable creative talent for writing and singing, Kyle Davis knew from the start he was destined for a career in music. His life has revolved around the creation of music and live performance, so much that it has become the very pulse of his existence. The Massachusetts-born Davis realized his love for singing at the age of 5. His writing abilities were also not long-hidden. Before long, the energetic and alluring Davis was performing at venues around his hometown at the age of 8.

Everything about music breathes life into Davis, evoking any and all emotions. With lyrics designed to carry not just a tune into the mind of its listener, Davis’ music is created with the intention to give hope to its audience, offering a greater purpose in life. The piano-savvy artist remains nothing short of the music industry’s missing link.

By the time he began recording, Davis’ career in music remained inevitable, as his path of becoming a star was set into concrete. His outside-the-box musical blueprint blends an energy and sound that molds the essence of dark pop with R&B. His lyrics are personal, honest, and real. Drawing in a strong fan base with his filter-free style, Davis thrives off his open book mentality, allowing his fans to experience his blood, sweat, and heartbreak through carefully concocted lyrics and powerful live performances.

Currently in the studio, Davis is building what is expected to be a much anticipated catalog of songs. His current single “All Falls Down” is a tribute to his unique blend of taking personal experiences, forming them into lyrics and applying them to personally-created music all designed to pay homage to the rarity the music industry and fans have been craving.

Scene&Style was able to catch up with the busy artist just after his recent music video shoot at the Hard Rock Café in Boston put together by publicist Crissy Leatham.

What are you aspirations for 2017? Davis responded; “My aspiration this year is to really get my name out there! I want as many people as possible to hear these new songs that we have put together and for everyone to see these really cool videos! My goal is for 2017 to be the year people discovered Kyle Davis.”

Do you have any big projects in the works? “Yes we're currently focused on 3 new songs to be done by the end of the month along with 3 music videos. We're also putting a lot of energy into booking big performance, collaborations and media/ radio interviews.”

Are you launching a new album or song and if so what is the inspiration behind it? “We're working on many songs! My favorite unreleased song right now is “Hungry”. It's kind of like the follow up to my song Rental which is about a one night stand. “Hungry” is a metaphor for still wanting more for the person. "How nice of you to come over and feed me, but can we go again cuz I'm still hungry.”

Kyle Davis "All Falls Down" PRESS PLAY

Are you doing any concerts or events in the upcoming weeks or are there any ones on your radar to perform at? “I'll be at Grammy week doing some performances, meet and greets and interviews with press, I'll be back at hard rock on April 30th. We're really working hard trying to get me into other big events like the super bowl, New York fashion week, and the Kiss concert. I would also love to open up for some larger acts in the Boston area.”

What is the hottest single at the moment? “I think the hottest single of mine right now is “Encore”, it's up beat with an EDM edge to it that everyone can dance to. In terms of other artists I am obsessed with Party Monster by “The Weekend”, the beat, lyrics and overall vibe is so addicting.”

What is the story behind your music and what inspires you? “I am completely inspired by my own feeling, emotions and life events. I like writing about the darker side of relationships, the things that are more painful and kind of mean spirits that other artists don't usually talk about. I use a lot of metaphors in my writing and try not to be overly specific so that each listener can decide for themselves what the song means to them.”

Davis is a budding Boston voice and 2017 is shaping up to be a breakthrough year for the musician. He is getting right into the mix by attending the Pre Grammy Media Event in L.A. He will be interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, E News, CNN, L.A Times, and People Magazine. The event will be welcoming be artists such as Drake, Hailee Steinfeld, Ariana Grande and Rihanna to name a few. Davis will also be making an appearance on AfterBuzz with Brittany Baldi.

If you would like to hear music from Davis or more on the background of this Boston tycoon visit . If you are looking to book Davis for an interview or performance contact .

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