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Malaika Dons Excessive Fashion

Recently the Hilton Boston, Woburn was host to “Excessive Fashion” featuring Joe Malaika and plenty of high-class entertainment from celebrity guests to local style.

The second you stepped off the elevator the show had already begun. The red carpet was crawling with famous faces, artists, stylist all dressed to impress. Local creator Jewlinga had set up shop front and center showing off her precious stones and accessories that were also donned on the runway.

The guest list was all it was expected to be with every seat filled, special celebrity guest rapper King Combs the one and only P Diddys son along with royalty, Her Highness Queen Dr. Best Kemigsia. The press pit was full of the city’s top media outlets, photographers with Hill Zu as the featured. The evening opened with tribute to Joe’s nation of Uganda and the traditional Tooro Anthem followed by the United States National Anthem.

Firing off the flair for the event was MC Gustavo Leon (crowned Boston’s Best Stylist the following week) draped in a custom-tailored Joe Malaika suit. He welcomed to the stage a vibrant tribal dance with Ugandan inspiration, which Malaika originates from the African Islands and his designs show detail in the texture of his culture.

From there the fashion made way with At Cozy opening the glowing vintage New York style runway. Style such as a funk zebra with a taxi cap, power heels and a chunky chain from Jewlinga was one of many power looks. Glamour gowns, a glitter and gold cocktail dress paired with a custom NB Design feather mask perfect for a cocktail affair, and every day attire were highlighted from the trio of ladies. Which all can be purchased at her boutique in the Chestnut Hill Mall.

Following was star lit performance from singer Amanda Mena who put truth behind “sing your heart out”. The local American Idol contestant amongst her long list of credentials put some power behind it when a mic malfunction left her with no music and riding solo with her beautiful voice and beat from the crowd clap.

Starting back up the style was designer Solome Katongole showing bright African colors, bold patterns in dresses, rompers, crop tops and pant suits. Hair and makeup of the evening from Salon Eva Michelle make an extra statement paired with the striking color tones of the collection.

After a final intermission it was time for the dapper don himself to give the guests what they came for. Malaika opened with an athleisure stride. Custom street wear suited up for yourself was the first set of looks from the SS22 Collection. Following was a women’s line of sequins and silk. An assembly of a floral and Ugandan inspired color tone owned the runway.

A classic black and white men’s suit was one to remember as Malaika took it to another level or creative cuts with the sequins detail and pattern placement. Popping out right after was a solid neon green women’s pant suit with a sleeveless top.

Demanding attention was a collection of baby doll pink and polka dot suits for men and women, Malaika took it to another level of creative cuts with the sequins detail and pattern placement. The crowed got their price of admission when during a fitting King Combs mix playing an appealing male model lost the jacket at the end of the runway to reveal his toned skin. However, the King of the night was mini model Lawrence donning a red suit, with sequins MJ inspiration who owned the evening.

Closing out the Malaika SS22 Collection was a line of suits for men and women in peacock blue and strategic belts, featuring a feathered pattern with chic black focus and bold tone outlines.

Malaika made his mark in the Excessive Fashion evening full of live entertainment, superb style and high-end design. The event was also a celebration of Joe’s birthday and after his final walkthrough thanked guests, sponsors, and staff as a production that large takes a full team. His collection can be purchased at


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