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                     "Volume One"

It begins with my take on the U.S. Women's National Team winning the Gold Medal in the London Olympics and ends with the emotions of watching the replay of the 1999 Women's World Cup Final 15 years later in a "Remember When" moment. 


All the chapters in between cover the training, the highs and the lows, NWSL tryouts, honest conversations with coaches and the everyday life that makes athletes different than the rest. 

Read a brief preview of a chapter below... 

Remember When “The Women’s 1999 World Cup Final”

With all that can be said recently with surgery to finding the sideline that lead to a dream job with the NWSL and Boston Breakers organization. I can start with that I have been doing some serious soul searching. Looking for anything to cling on to get me through watching so much and not getting the validation of play. 

Today I woke up to Facebook posts that 15 years ago today was a “remember when” that the United States women won the 1999 World Cup and changed the game forever. It had me in over drive with all that has been going through my mind. 

I quickly put on some workout gear, grabbed my laptop, iPad, iPhone and was on my way. Each day since I took my so called dream job it has seem to have top priority to the business side and my own personal shape has fallen to quite a low. 

It was a perfect summer day, sunny not humid and I found myself in technology tragedy. A virus in my laptop, no space in my smart products so hours and hours spent glued to a screen until I reached success. 

I haven’t played since June and like I have mentioned before, if I don’t play at least once a week I am simply not me. I have been beating myself up on my size since it was so obvious. I wasn’t playing futsal with the boys either and not even sure I was welcome....

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"Scene&Style” The Boston Fashion Week Edition - A collection of columns from 2012-2019


I had an idea when I came to terms that “Scene&Style” will not be on site at Boston Fashion Week for the first time in 8 years. 


I wanted to create something to contribute to our community for the 9th year, commemorate all we have done together as a fashion family. 


It’s an amazing feeling this project. Digging through EVERYTHING to find my first fashion column in 2012, running around the city trying to find my dream cover photo of “Our Girl Linda” from my very first ever show, Denise Hajjar at the Copley in 2012. 


I am blessed for this to be book #2, the first covers what lights my soul. This feeling is like being at the top right side of the box, picking my head up, seeing the sweet spot and ripping a rocket with my left that glides down the upper 90 side netting in stoppage time for the game winner! 


As I ran through the columns I wanted to be honest with my growth as a writer. I aloud myself to fix any spelling errors as for grammar I thought it best to let my growth as a writer speak for itself as you near the closing chapters. 


I also am staying true to the honor of Boston Fashion Week. I came across columns from Style Week, Fashionably Late, Timeless Tuesday’s, Rooftop Resort Runway at the Revere Hotel, and so many more amazing fashionable memories within our Boston family. 


This book was intended to highlight OUR Boston creators during a week that is held throughout major cities in the world I stuck to that and this book is “fashion week” focused. 

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