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TANGOELLA gets Steeped in Style

Recently the fashionable lunch hour event, Marilyn Riseman’s “Steeped in Style” welcomed modern looks from Ella Tang and her most recent TANGOELLA Collection.

The afternoon is always a two-show spilt with down timed filled feeling like a pampered queen with the elegant tea and crust free finger food at the chic Café Courtyard restaurant in Boston’s historic public library. Hostess and always flawless model Jane Conway Caspe welcome guests with that photographic smile and sets the stage for the show.

The fall focused pieces came out draped over the gorgeous models showing a more casual play of cashmere sweaters and fitted pants paired with jewelry to transition the look from day to night wear. The beige cashmere made multiple appearances from scarfs, patterned capes and knitted tops played with skirts. There was a quick pop of two deep blue and gold sparkled gowns that were perfect for a red-carpet runway sort of affair.

When the show came to a close Scene&Style was able to catch up with designer Ella Tang and hear a little on her inspiration for this collection. Tang commented, “This is my first year using cashmere. I like the concept of day to dense transition. Also investing in your wardrobe, I enjoy creating pieces you can invest in, garments to wear all year round. I am really focused on being Eco friendly as well, yet upholding sustainability.”

The TANGOELLA signature style is sensual meets edgy. Central to the TANGOELLA design are the elements of balance and proportion. Versatile timeless pieces introduce a rhythm that impacts the wardrobe. The philosophy of Tangoella is that clothing should make one feel effortlessly beautiful and empowered.

With close attention to real-life day-to-day needs, the masterfully constructed pieces from TANGOELLA are inspired by the casual and formal activities that define cosmopolitan life. The distinctive modern attitude transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Ella Tang established TANGOELLA's first complete collection in Spring 2015. Ella's artistic sensibility to designing collections that convey modern with an edge became a driving force in her creative life.

Although creative inspiration is elusive, Ella credits her love of design to early exposures to couture, mathematics and dance. Gifted in spatial thinking, Ella swam against the tide and forged her own path. Traveling to America from Taiwan, she attended the University of Massachusetts where she was awarded a master’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. She immediately enrolled in the School of Fashion Design in Boston and graduated two years later with a degree in Fashion Design.

For more on this designer, current collection or to shop visit

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