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"Expressions" The Faces of Boston Fashion

Boston Fashion Week finished in style with the closing being held at The W Hotel featuring “Expressions” The Faces of Boston Fashion.

The minute you would have walked in the door there were “faces of fashion” everywhere. The first spotted by Socially Scene was the catwalk queen, Denise Hajjar. From there some like Amber Lu photographer, Nathan Allen and Danielle Noel top stylists in the city representing Blo, Todd Lee photographer and so many more.

Of course all were there to send off their beloved week of fashion yet there were so many looking to get a glimpse of their face flashing in the many rooms of the event. “Expressions” The Faces of Boston Fashion was an amazing slide show put together by local photographers including all fabulous Boston creativity that make up our world of fashion.

There were two main slideshows that featured some like; Nirva Derbekyan Stylist and Fashion Designer, Dana Duggan Fashion Desinger, Cara Fratto Saks Fifth Avenue Public Relations Manager, Alexa Hall COUP Boston Editor in Chief, Marc Harris from Marc Harris Salon, Sam Mendoza Fashion Designer, Dimonika Bray Photographer, Michael Diskin Photographer, April Riccio Public Relations Manager Neman Marcus Natick, Michelle Bearse-McGrath Makeup Artist, Dava Muramatsu Jewelry Designer, The woman the week was dedicated to the late Marilyn Riseman Fashion Icon and honored man of the evening Jay Calderin Boston Fashion Week Founder.

The Party was buzzing with the names listed above and a mass more being that was just a short list mentioned of all the faces that bring Boston its fashion. You could have sworn there was a runway nearby based on all the top designs floating around the room.

There was a break in all the mixing and mingling to recognize Mr. Jay Claderin for bringing Boston Fashion Week into its 20th year in 2014. The chic crowed paused to appreciate the imaginative Calderin throughout his speech thanking everyone in the room and all who give their heart and soul to making this industry thrive in our city.

Upcoming for this fashion fellow Jay Calderin, he will be honored by YOUTH DESIGN as 2014 Mentor of the Year at their 2nd annual CARNIVAL celebration and fundraiser at the W BOSTON on Thursday, November 13th from 6p.m. through 8:30p.m. Join them for a fun and engaging evening set against the backdrop of a series of interactive carnival games, cocktails and celebration. Guests pay to play and win fun, buried prizes from local design-driven, retail partners celebrating Boston as a city of design. During the event, they will also present Youth Design’s “Mentor of the Year Award” and you will have a chance to play and create alongside our Youth Designers! For tickets visit or for more information.

After the heart felt thank you the energetic crowd took back to sashaying the glitter around the party and taking photographs that were sure to make the top Facebook Pages in the city. It was an important night for the city and the fashionistas of it. As Boston Fashion Week likes to encourage, “shop locally and we will see you in the front row 2015”.

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