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Yolanda Cellucci Peabody Essex Event

Fashion is an ever-changing element, one where the old can be recreated by anew and then there is a timeless entity, Yolanda Cellucci. Recently the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem held an evening of elegance to celebrate this iconic woman in the industry.

 A cocktail affair took place in the grand hall of the museum. Guests were welcomed in for music and dancing, chic hors d’oeuvres and rubbing elbows with fashions finest. The festivities were put on pause to welcome the legendary Cellucci to the stage for a heartfelt speech of gratitude for those that have been part of her journey. Yolanda is always an all-white sight to be seen, the silk gown detailed with silver jewels, matching earrings, and a head dress feathers feet high was nothing short of spectacular.

After attendees were welcome to continue the party in the main room and enter the exhibit in the museum dedicated to the celebrity of the evening. The display unveiled more than 100 fresh works from the museum' global fashion and textile collection, including nearly 40 recent acquisitions that spotlight the vibrant and fine tailored collection of Boston-based entrepreneur and glamour of fashion Yolanda Cellucci.

Fashion moguls sashayed around wearing pieces they have purchased from the designer while admiring the display of collaborations with Stephen Yearick and cocktail dresses from the 1990s. Pairings with Bob Mackie’s evening gown and jacket from the mid-1980s. Crepe fabric, netting, glass beads and sequins were lined along as priceless works of art.

Although well known for wedding gowns the legendary Yolanda Cellucci has produced iconic ensembles fit for the red carpet and office looks beaming with sparkle on chic suits. The sustainable fabrics used and accessories of glass beads, silk, polyester, cellulose triacetate all donned into these amazing pieces worn by celebrities in the early 90’s and 2000’s.

Some of Cellucci’s most memorable pieces were her magnificent show stopping crowns. Costume designer Carol Salem collaborated with Yolanda's on the creation of fantastical headpieces worn by models in the shop's fashion shows. She found inspiration for some of her headpieces from local and international landmarks and attractions like Boston's Swan Boats and the Eiffel Tower.

The evening was an elegant success. It was a time to slow down, have a cocktail, dance a dance and honor an 86 year old fashion icon still hosting her own television show, the upcoming 4th annual Our Girl Linda Dance Party to benefit St. Jude in memory of her daughter on September 21st ( As if still being in the spotlight wasn’t enough to admire this amazing woman, seeing her spend hours strutting in high heels and a head dress gives faith that life is what you make of it. Yolanda Cellucci is a portrait representation of a vogue lifestyle, and her entourage was in full force to celebrate the queen of glitz and glamour.


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