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Delectable Potions, Gourmet Sandwiches are Fresh Brewed at the New Wich + Craft Co

Who says business isn’t booming? The North End of Boston has a new addition to its repertoire of restaurants, The New England Wich + Craft Co has officially opened their doors to the public and lines of patrons eager to take a seat. Something you would expect from the creative mastermind of Owner Frankie Stavrianopoulos, a longtime entrepreneur in the city.

Also, a family man Frankie is following suit with his Greek roots, to the European traditions of the neighborhood and theory, giving back is key. Prior to even being open for business NEWCO teamed up with Polkadog just across the street to host Clear Path for Veterans New England. Soldiers were on site educating on how support dogs save lives and gave the city a chance to pet some furry friends.

Wich + Craft is constantly supporting local business, planning upcoming charity events in the neighborhood, and already proving to be a positive impact in the historic community.

Straying from the Italian theme of the neighborhood, Top Floor Entertainments concept is imaginative in showcasing the quintessential American comfort food coming out of the kitchen by Chef Danny DeSimone, "The Sandwich". Gourmet hoagies will be accompanied by an ever-rotating draught list of Craft Beers, Wines, and Delectable Potions concocted by their Master Mixologist Alexander Johnson.

Scene&Style caught up with Frankie after opening night asking about how it went, what dish was the hit of the night and more. He committed; “It was great to finally rip the decals off the window and feeling the energy of inquisitive neighbors and passers. It was like a beautiful fish bowl, and we were inside of it. We had quite a few neighbors come in friends that knew we were opening, it was a good informal opportunity to serve almost 100 guests.

We sold out of our slice of heaven, which was our wonderful strip steak sandwich, another fan favorite was the show down in little Tokyo Asian pork sandwich with ramen noodle in a scallion pancake taco. The Raven and our poison ivy were our bestselling cocktails of the evening. It was amazing to be open!”

I was blessed with the opportunity to snag a seat at a pre-opening taste test. Strolling in the first thing to catch my eye was the vintage wood, accompanied by soft green tones, chic leather seats, and literal mystic moss. I felt like I was about to fall down the rabbit hole for a one-of-a-kind Alice in Wonderland adventure.

The music set the mood from jazz to house and my taste buds were growing eager looking at the cocktail list. I went for the NO. END SMASH, Bourbon, lemon, mint, honey, and ginger beer. It was divine, light and I couldn’t stop munching on the fresh mint. I had an opportunity to take a sip of a classic in the neighborhood, an espresso martini that passed inspection!

Being Frankie wanted to test his kitchen I made sure to make my mark. My recent allergies acquired constantly have me fighting with kitchens as my 20 years in business has high expectations. Overwhelmed with all the choices of gourmet sandwiches, pastrami, sirloin, salmon, falafel and of course the traditional meatball. I went for the “All Greek 2 Me;” Mini grilled lamb skewers with homemade tzatziki yogurt sauce, sliced cukes, red & yellow tomatoes, French fries and micro greens stuffed in two warmed grilled naan pItas. Served with a roasted thick cut beefsteak tomato layered with kalamata olive tapenade & whipped feta cheese.

The whole thing was absolutely flavorful, what sold me was their take on the tomato mozzarella which came out warm! It was like nothing I have ever had, who wows on a basic dish you find everywhere, well Which + Craft does.

I must say, I was impressed all around. I picked a dish where I had plenty of allergy requirements, it was a test right! I generally have some sort of small reaction as cross contamination is just the way it goes sometimes. Not at NEWCO, I can honestly say that was the fist dining experience I have never had any sort of issues with allergies and was even given a special go ahead from the chef to indulge in the secret sauce, which was delicious. Recipe please!

The night was full of stellar customer service, cool vibes, killer cocktails, and dinner was delicious. Hands down 10 Frankie, welcome to the neighborhood! The doors are open for business at 4:30pm, rumor has it brunch is coming in February. New Year’s Eve at Wich +Craft lounge is brought to you by the city’s top promoters. For large groups or inquiries, text 617.438.6682 and check out their other venues hosted on

The NEW ENGLAND WITCH+ CRAFT CO is located at 54 Salem Street in Boston, can be contacted for parties and reservations at . Follow them on Instagram at @wichandcraft or take a peek at the menu The New England nightlife kings are making at statement in the kitchen, get in there Boston, it’s definitely an experience.


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