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Boston Legend Denise Hajjar Hits the Runway

This past week marked the 20th annual Boston Fashion Week and Socially Scene started it off right.

The events began with the opening cocktail party at the W Hotel showing faces for some of the scene’s top designers and Boston’s best glitterati.

The shows took off from there and all in the style loop received the “dailies” email from creator Jay Calderin informing of the many must see events that the day would bring.

Socially Scene got going on Tuesday with dear to our heart and fashion guru Denise Hajjar’s annual “Dress for Success” benefit at Royale. Hajjar is far more than just the brand name she has created but the definition of high class style for the working woman.

The evening was all you would expect from the runway goddess and each year she finds a way to top the last. The show was more than just a fashion presentation but a spectacular stage show opening with a couple “dancing with the stars” ballroom type team from Fred Astaire Dance Company. The duo was mixed in with models as the hit the runway and their flawless talent was a show stopper.

Hajjar has a special place in the heart of Socially Scene as two years ago was my first week show to be covered and feel that it was her extravagant aura that pulled me into the scene for life. I wouldn’t think it were possible to feel anymore blessed yet it was such an honor to be standing next to Jay Calderin who had the look of a proud father in the press pit.

As the superb and tailored head to toe looks hit the runway they were worn by professionals like the city’s beloved Simone Aptekman. Also celebrities like; Janet Wu, Simone Winston, Tiziiana Dearing, Charolette Golar Richie, Linda Holiday and the everyday beautiful women.

Between the dancers and obvious signature fashion show one would think that was the best it could get. The night was taken away as legendary designer Yolanda Cellucci a timeless diva took her strut to stage. Cellucci is being honored this season with her “50 years of high heels, headpieces and huate couture”. The crowd couldn’t get enough of the socialite who has branded our city.

The chic designs and polished seems brought some of Boston’s most fashionable together. Desinger David Josef was spotted in on the runway; Miss Massachusetts United States was accompanied by pageant director Jena Tang, Top stylist and manager of Blo SouthEnd Nathan Allen and more.

Hajjar is always top class and the night went to benefit the Dress for Success foundation. She also gave an up and coming designer her Boston Fashion Week taste with a showcase of fashions by student designers from Denise's alma mater, the School of Fashion Design.

For all who are a part of the fashion community here in the Hub know what a sophisticated and fresh look Denise Hajjar bring to the scene. The night was flawless and many were buzzing, “How is anyone to top that”. Boston Fashion Week had only just started so stay tuned to see if it was a mission that would be accomplished.

Photo By Angela Cornacchio

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