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Date Night Rentals with Date My Wardrobe

Anyone involved in the consumer business is well aware of the quote, “fashion is never finished”. As the trends and styles emerge convenience is becoming a must to make your clientele return. With the online craze to purchase anything and an app available for everything Boston has a new option for “borrowing an outfit for an evening”.

Date My Wardrobe is bringing the sharing economy directly to the fashion designers, giving them a mobile platform to be discovered based on users location and make it easier to rent out from their high-end collection for a 4-day rental period. If you happen to love what you rent, you have the option to buy in the end.

The purpose of Date My Wardrobe is not just saving money but convenience is a huge factor too. Imagine being invited to a black tie event. Instead of buying something new for that one occasion or wearing something you have worn in the past, you can now rent from local fashion designers.

They also have ready-to-wear listings (retail $250+) which professionals can rent for conferences, meetings or just trying on something different. For example; they had attendees of Boston Business Women conference rent from their ready-to-wear collection for the day of the conference.

The current designers on the app include: Denise Hajjar - Evening/Cocktail, ready-to-wear and clutches (from Iris Lane) | Location: InterContinental Boston, Candice Wu - Evening and bridal, Colette Chretien - Ready-To-Wear into evening | Location: Newton Center, Shaunt Sarian - Leather clutches | Location: Newton Center, Maria Bablyak - Hand painted silk scarves | Location: Boston.

They are launching many more designers in the coming few weeks/months including Providence based Jeffrey Dickerson, well-known Boston based designer Daniel Faucher, Ella Tang (from Tangoella) etc.

Date My Wardrobe is also a great way for locals and travelers to find the local fashion designer community - who might be otherwise hard to find.

Amrita Aviyente, founder and CEO of Date My Wardrobe, is giving the local, high-end designers a mobile platform to be discovered and giving them a new revenue stream by introducing rentals. “The future of rentals in the fashion space excites me,” says Aviyente. “It is not just about saving but also convenience, giving users the ability to find these designers near them. Users have more options to choose from for special occasions or even ready-to-wear without having to commit.”

In building Date My Wardrobe, Aviyente combines her software engineering background with her passion in the fashion space. She came up with the idea trying to solve her own problem – having access to high end fashion without having to buy it. “I wanted to make access to high-end collection easily accessible and affordable,” said Aviyente.

Date My Wardrobe is a Boston based, mobile first, consumer/fashion Tech Company focused on bringing the sharing economy to the fashion designers and giving women access to high end fashion through an iOS app. Date My Wardrobe was part of Babson College’s Butler Venture Accelerator program.

This budding business woman reached out to Scene&Style mid-March just looking to get to know our local fashion scene and seek insight. I was immediately impressed and knew the idea was going to explode. It just a few shorts months Date My Wardrobe has become a hit and demanding attention for the city’s top fashionistas.

If you’re not aware of this must have app you are behind the game yet in luck. Date My Wardrobe has teamed up with Ma Cherie Studios an elegant boudoir photographer and a top ten website to check out ASAP, They are hosting an event on June 22nd for Fashion Rack Night Out Boston at Liquid Art House. From 6:30pm to 8:30pm you will have the opportunity to shop and meet local designer that are featured on the app while mingling over cocktails.

For more information on this innovative idea you can visit the website at or download the Date My Wardrobe app on the app store.

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