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Celebrities Opened Boston Fashion Week

The official opening night for Boston Fashion Week 2016 started off with high-end class integrated with stylish shopping. Anna Maven CEO/Owner of A Mavens World stepped outside the box of her successful online boutique, on air radio personality and the lengthy list of other contributions she is making in the community and set the stage for runway shows through the week.

The evening began with a shopping lounge full of local city boutiques like Pink Shoe Lounge, Zodiac Fly, Tasha Michele, LuLu Roe, The Throw Back Clinic and so many more. The red carpet welcomed the city’s top fashionistas, celebrities and the VIP area roped off for classic cocktails and delicious bites was a hot spot.

The night was hosted by local socialite and Master of Ceremonies/Editor of the Boston Herald Gustavo Leon alongside America’s Next Top Model and Maven herself Eve Marcelli. The duo ruled the room and had the guests eating out of the palm of their hands with their professional chemistry and striking beauty between the two.

The fashion portion began with Ortega Jewelry designs and captured the audience with a stunning blue warrior look. The collection featured an edgy take on gold chest and neck pieces. Following was esteemed Claude Michelle with his resort wear. It had a take on vintage patterns focused on bold and powerful colors with floral and funk flair. His line highlighted a sexy swim wear with bold cuts and beach vacation appeal. Chicly Klosets rocked lace and stripes looks with a sequence silhouette.

Pink Shoe Lounge showed with a stapled pink high heel, seasonal boots and the full outfit to match leaving the shoe as the feature of the looks, Beauty Rockx Boutique brought their version of the little black dress and sequined bustier , Couples Therapy Boutique had a detailed Arabian themed take meshed with lace and velour , Tasha Michelle Closet ranged from gorgeous gowns to fly street wear with class, Intriguing Hair wowed from beautiful curls to jet straight blue locks, Zodiac Fly with an all-black collection from body suits to business wear, and TNT closed the show with their casual t-shirt line.

The evening ended with a heartfelt speech from our queen bee Anna Maven and then off to the after party held at the chic W Hotel. Scene&Style was able to catch up with Maven post show and got some insight to her wildly successful opening for Boston Fashion Week.

What made you choose opening night for Boston Fashion Week?

“It's a signature event for us! Every year, for the last 3 years, we've offered an amazing Opening Night experience for Boston Fashion Week! It sets the tone for the rest of the week and we bring out all the bells and whistles! We want to make sure the guest have a fabulous time in Boston and that the event is high energy and definitely more exciting than the year before.”

Was there a specific focus or even fundraiser that inspired the night for you?

“Yes! Tailored For Success was our nonprofit partner for the event! The percentage of the proceeds from the A Maven's World Lifestyle Brand, Boston Fashion Week kick-off event being donated to Tailored For Success, Inc. will help make a difference in the lives of many individuals striving to re-enter the workforce, especially women. My team and I are proud to be able to make that kind of impact.”

What is it that made you chose your designer lineup?

“The choice of designers consisted of a lot of our brand affiliate businesses, so I'm very familiar with the amazing products and designs that they offer! For most of them, it was their first experience opening Boston Fashion Week, so we felt it was a great fit and it was an opportunity for these boutique owners and designers to showcase their brand and gain some new fresh eyes to their products/designs. With Ortega Jewelry, I love the rawness of Ortega. Claude Michelle, love the custom designs. ChiclyKlosets, very mod looks. Pink Shoe Lounge, I love that they stay on trend and the fact that they have a physical location in Boston. So if you saw it on the runway, you can actually stop right into their retail location.”

What was your attraction to having Gustavo Leon and Eve Marcille host the evening?

“I've known Gustavo for a few years and he has such an amazing personality! No one else came to mind but him for this event, as I knew he would make Eva feel comfortable and be a great Master of Ceremonies for our amazing guest. “

What is next up on the schedule for AMavensWorld?

“Well as a Lifestyle Brand, our events are always different. Our mission is to connect people thru fabulous events, so we have events coming up in November, December and January. They range from the "Bridge To Everywhere" motivational event with Best Selling Author Trent Shelton, our 6th Annual Holiday Bazaar with over 40 vendors and crafters and our Women's New Year Conference, theme for 2017 is "year of the ask".”

All events can be found on our website ! Although each event is different in concept, the tone of each is to "connect people and empower lives" in the process. It's the MAVEN way!

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