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Benharris Brings Style to Sowa for BFW17

Boston Fashion Week 2017 officially began on Sunday October 1st and the SOWA Art + Design District transformed their gorgeous outdoor space with roped off shopping paths into runways for an afternoon of style.

The fashion got going with a retro rock appeal; rugged jeans a tight tank and classic leather jacket was shown for a gent. A simple T with bold cherry red lettering over deep blue along with matching pant and finished with Chuck Taylor shoes complimented a ladies look all to be found at Bobby’s From Boston.

A little on the lighter side, an athleisure approach from Ash and Rose with a comfy pink cape hoodie paired with basic leggings. An effortless style, of a Sowa t-shirt and velvet bark colored skirt with a pop of culture in a Zainab Sumu Primitive Modern head scarf. Many of the looks showed Ser Verde Shoes from Spain and one of a kind couture hats made by Marie Galvin. Bobby's from Boston also carries men's suit lines that can be dressed down for a casual event and sent out a sexy relaxed business poise. The tone was taken up a notch for ladies to “shake it off” in a red hot leather dress that rocked the runway and many other looks from the Sowa Vintage Market.

More styles ranging from funk, furs, chic, gowns, deep culture, natural easy looks and more came to life from the Benharris Productions team. With their styling and grace sent down the runway they brought in a solid crowd to spend the rest of the afternoon shopping at Boston’sSOWA Art + Design District .

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