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What They Didn't Teach You in Fashion School

Professor at the School of Fashion Design - Boston, Founder of Boston Fashion Week and Fashion Group International Boston Board Member Jay Calderín took center stage at The Boston Public Library for an intimate lecture on his upcoming book about the finer points of being in the fashion business.

With a lengthy resume not even fully listed, Calderín’s many style goers were eager to grab a seat for his Boston Fashion Week exclusive speech with ears and eyes open to soak up all the knowledge that the classroom may have left out. His FREE presentation was intoxicating with his strong presence at the podium taking guests through each chapter giving the finer points of creativity, reproducing masterpieces without being a knockoff, having a sense of play in your work, be a lifetime learner, keeping an eye on what’s next, taking time off for a sexy comeback and more.

Calderín brought visuals to a big screen by highlighting greats; Anna Wintour, Edith Head, T.S. Eliot, Henri Matisse with quotes like “Fashion never stops. There is always a new project a new opportunity” by Carolina Herrera.

It seemed as if the hour was only a few minutes being there was so much more to consume from what The Boston Globe refers to Jay Calderín as, “a budding designer’s best friend.” He ended the evening with a gracious question and answer portion and attended to as many of the curious minds as he could.

Jay teaches a wide variety of fashion and professional development courses at the School of Fashion Design and has graced readers with the opportunity to learn outside the classroom walls. Scene&Style being captivated by his new book’s introduction, “How do you navigate the confusing and competitive fashion world after the relative comfort of fashion school? How do you learn to adapt to an industry that constantly evolves and throws new challenges your way? And above all, how do you play to your strengths as a designer, and build a successful career in business. What They Didn't Teach You in Fashion School is your survival guide to the fashion industry. Providing expert advice, and lots of inspiration, Jay Calderin shows you how to get the best out of the exhilarating world of fashion.”

The book was released on November 2, 2017 in the UK and will become available in the U.S. on January 9, 2018. If you would like to pre-order a copy visit the link listed

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