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The Foo Fighters Light Up Fenway Park

The buzz had been going around Boston for some time that the Foo Fighters were taking the stage at Fenway Park. Life finds a way to be lived and when you are handed the opportunity to see your #BucketListBand , it’s meant to be taken.

Scene&Style started out on site by taking a quick dip underneath the stage and popping into hot spot, “The Bleacher Bar” jam packed and playing the “Foo”. Yawkey Way was bustling with fans of all ages, families and die hard rockers ready to see the Seattle based band that has kept the records flowing for 25 years.

Inside the park was a mad house as the sound of Taylor Hawkins warming up on the drums silenced the beer orders and t-shirt purchases and began the darting to the sectioned seats. I went straight to check out my donated space, and I wasn’t satisfied. You don’t become Scene&Style by settling. I spent four years slinging cocktails on the Right Field Roof Deck so a slick flash of a press credential to a security guard still there from 2004 gave me a slice of standing room.

Dave Grohl, lead singer and guitarist rushed the stage and the Foo Fighters got right to the music by opening with, “All My Life”. They kept rolling from one hit into the next full of passion like it was the last time they were going to take the stage. The guys ruled the stage almost hitting the three hour mark. Taking songs like “The Pretender” and “Rope” and putting soul into the extension of six to seven minutes of rock and roll.

Seeing a show live isn’t just the performance, it’s the getting to know your favorite band a little bit better. A congratulations was in order as guitarist Nate Mendel flew in that morning just to play Fenway after welcoming twins into his world. Grohl’s teenage daughter Violet happened to be a backup singer for new single “Dirty Water”.

The Foo Fighters lit up Fenway as Grohl brought fans together with the beauty of the modern lighter. A moment to remember yet having his sense of humor while singing “Jump” over the piano chords to “Imagine” all while pointing out the blessing in seeing the moon from the one and only Fenway Park.

The Foo took the tempo back up with, “Monkey Wrench” and slid into songs from their new album. As they ran off the stage and the lights went down, not a single person moved as all knew it was the formality of the “Encore”. The band pumped themselves to grab their final curtain gave the crowd a solid four more songs.

I personally left pieces of my past inside Fenway with “The Best of You”, I let it go, I changed right then and there. I made my exit as and listened from the street entrance of Aramark, “its times like this you learn to live again, it’s times like this you learn to love again”. It wasn’t about the party, it was about the music. This fan got closure of the Foo Fighters taking over Fenway with, “Times Like These”.

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