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Lasell's Fashion Creativity was Put to the Test

Boston Fashion Week isn’t just a time for established designers to showcase their talents but an opportunity for the cities students to snag some exposure. Producer Kathy Benarris has extended ties to Lasell College and a fondness for their fashion program. Benharris took the outfits off the runway and created an exhibit in the Seaport District for 10 emerging designers to make a mark.

The pieces were inspired by Boston’s newly renovated and trending section of the city, “The Seaport” with a non-textile construction restriction. Articles such as CDs, grommets, mirrors, duct tape, coffee filters, plastic wrap, and tarp were amongst the list of items used in the concept of creation.

Ensembles displayed were; what appeared to be a purple velour suit, but the fun was the mystery to what the fabric could have been. A wedding white lace dress with colored coffee filter flowers, a grey high neck dress with a black vest that resembled leather yet was a tarp, a plain leather mini sleeveless dress with the drama being CDs glued on creating rotating color. Designers; Christa Augustus '20, Linda Avila '19, Eunice Bruno '19, Elizabeth Castaldi '19, Cailin Flannery '19, Panna Kiss '19, Marianna Lenskaya '19, Sabrina Michaud '20, Samantha Rego '20 and Elizabeth Witherell '20 were giving a Project Runway type of task and killed it with the creativity and imagination.

The Fashion Design and Production Major at Lasell has a professional focus, rooted in Connected Learning, that seeks to educate students by promoting self-expression, academic exploration and critical thinking in academic, civic, and career-relevant areas.

The Fashion Design and Production degree program prepares students to navigate the fast-paced fashion industry by offering expertise in business, textiles, garment design, pattern making, buying, operations, and more.

The Lasell Fashion Collection contains over 2,000 items dating back to the 19th century, which helps support students in understanding historical style details, construction techniques, textile usage, and societal function.

Lasell's School of Fashion has degree programs in Fashion Communication and Promotion, Fashion Design and Production, and Fashion and Retail Merchandising. To learn more about the program of looking to become apart of the Lasell fashion family visit

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