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Encore in Boston Harbor has Cut the Red Ribbon

The new Encore Boston has opened its doors to the public for almost a week now. It’s official welcoming was this past Sunday and quoted to of had over 5,000 that eagerly awaited the red ribbon to be cut.

Scene&Style was blessed with the opportunity to attend a prior sneak peek. Being a North Ender, the travel was a 13-minute destination. As I came up from under the overpass my heart was bursting from the feeling of rolling up onto the Vegas strip. The structure and design were all breathtaking being I knew there was nothing but crusty abused space that had been transformed into our own slice of paradise.

With my local loyalty I immediately flocked directly to the much talked about Fratelli. An upscale Italian experience brought to the casino by the powerhouses of the city Frank DePasquale and Nick Varano. The two have the classiest of Italian cuisine through the region on a separate scale yet with this diamond went into it together as partners.

The two always demand perfection from their properties and Fratelli was nothing less. The bar had a sexy appeal with classic espresso martinis and packed with the creme de la creme. The staff had a cool yet professional vibe, the layout of the floor quite yet a place to be seen right to the high ceilings where every detail has a quality Italian touch.

The beauty in the main ball room is overwhelming. The bold reds, the chic decor, the bright lights coming off the possibility of cash in hand. The cocktail waitresses were draped in Swarovski crystals, the lush carpets leading to the grand staircases set to take you to another divine restaurant or night club.

Invited VIPs were spoiled with free parking, drink tickets and dinner at the restaurant of your choice. All the winnings for the house were donated to a plethora of local Boston charities. Guests of the VIP opening constantly were boasting “I feel like I’m on vacation not right at home in Boston”.

As for dinner that was an experience all its own. Some outsmarted others and made dinner reservations. I felt uncomfortable thinking were else would I eat but Fratelli. Yet, with no reservation that was a no go. I knew someone in every inch of the restaurant, although when the city of Boston is pouring out their door, I threw in the towel.

Running into one of the most beloved lingerie and swim wear fashion designers whom also had her Italian ties, we opted out to hit the burger joint. Also, a line yet we were promised the opportunity to eat. The On Deck Burger Bar was exactly what a gal with too much crisp sauvignon blanc needed. Having the opportunity for each of us to have appetizers, dinner and dessert we went all in.

We started with the Chicken+Waffle Cones; spiced fried chicken, chive waffle cone, brown sugar mustard, green onion ranch, bourbon BBQ sauce OH MY! Also, the Cheese Steak TaterTots; Shaved prime steak, creamy aged provolone cheese, roasted mushrooms, peppers and onions. Both were delicious, and I was impressed with the quality being we were the last seating of a premier pre-opening.

The bar service was amazing and impressive that they have been putting in the hours to capture the hearts of the locals. As one, how could I not opt of for the The Celtic Burger. A Beef patty, bourbon BBQ sauce, giant onion “hoop”, smoked gouda cheese on an onion bun. At that point I hadn’t finished any of the generous portions yet had to indulge in some dessert. A few different times a divine display of milkshakes had caught my eye as they glided past me to the tables.

My gorgeous company and I shared the Boston Fudge Brownie Shake; Mint chocolate chip shake, chocolate frosted rim, brownie bites, chocolate syrup, Andes Creme de Menthe Thins and the Strawberry Shake; with a vanilla frosted rim, strawberry gummies, wafer, sprinkles, cookies, whipped cream.

At this point I had nothing left from the fabulous food, the high vibe from the slots, the finest of wine and the humbled feeling that all this was right at home. So much so I had to acquire the assistance from the exceptional Encore staff as I couldn’t seem to find me car in the elaborate parking garage since I arrived overly excited.

Encore Boston Harbor is a playground of casino games, restaurants, top entertainment acts, shopping, spa, Hotel accommodations and a harbor walk that are a gorgeous compliment to the city. Scene&Style will be back as I had only had a small taste of what is to offer.

A five-star waterfront resort accessible by land and sea, the $2.6 billion Encore Boston Harbor resort is located at One Broadway in Everett, MA. To contact customer service call (857) 770-7000 or visit to see all the amenities or to book reservations.

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