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A Fashion Finale Like No Other

The Boston fashion community is one of loyalty and genuine gratitude for the contributions many make that create something so special. The fashion forward and timeless elegance designer Denise Hajjar had an intimate gathering to showcase her fall collection for Boston Fashion Week 2019.

The host of the evening was Hajjar’s current residence inside Setting the Space, a chic home décor and staging company. The evening began with a VIP cocktail hour welcoming the cities finest fashionistas like Yolanda Cellucci, Designer David Josef, Photographer Kris Nordstrom, DJ Denise LaCarubba and more.

Once the place was packed Hajjar’s famed models began to strut through in staple jackets for that funk fall fashion. It was a line of long trenches with cherry blossom patterns, golden orange shades and a classic leopard print that sold out stock at the end of the evening. Following was a string of cocktail dresses; off the shoulder, deep greens, comfort fabrics with playful prints. With any season Hajjar can be relied upon to put out pieces that are suitable for day-wear to evening events. Looks of cashmere sweaters paired with a simple black pants hit the runway. Also, those in demand wraps, cover ups and cardigans came storing through in emerald, beige, grey, soft pink and plaid. No collection is complete for Hajjar without her hand stitched and custom design dresses that closed the show with high hip cuts and painted patterns.

After the final walk through Hajjar took center attention to give a heart felt thank you to her team, the venue and then… bells began to ring! Music came back into focus while models and guests sang along, “We going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.” Designer and longtime friend David Josef groomed Denise with a vail, champagne and invited her man Mario to join them. The family Denise had known for so many years had asked Josef to speak for them. Josef painted the picture of Hajjar’s career and that she had been married to her business all this time. He boasted that he was beyond happy to hear the latest news that Denise had recently been proposed to by a man that brought a smile to face that was new and full of life. Josef also let the cat out of the bag that Hajjar had asked himself and the third of the Boston fashion legends Daniel Faucher to help design her wedding dress.

The evening ended in love, laughter and plenty of champagne. Denise Hajjar has contributed so much to the fashion world and for her event to close with a finale for the bride to be was deserved. The Roots of a timeless fashion family gathered to celebrate on of their own and always in our hearts and never forgotten Linda Cole Petrosian. Boston is a city like no other and so is their community. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, that is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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