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A Taste of Pure Italian

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Lead Photo By: Mirjona Lieshaj

Italia is widely known for the delicates in their cuisine and the world is constantly trying to replicate the flavor yet sometimes you must surrender and enjoy the true taste that only Pure Italian can bring into your home.

In 2008 Pure Italian was born from Fabio Zellino's love of fine Puglia extra virgin olive oil. Fabio, native of Puglia, one of the most agriculturally fertile lands in the world, started his business as a modest venture involving the shipment of a few cases of this premium authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil that were destined for sale at farmer's markets throughout the Boston metro area and its suburbs. From this sprang an ever-increasing interest that continued to grow and feed an increased demand for this tasty and healthful kitchen necessity.

Each August Zellino books his business trip to his homeland and roams from farm to farm tasting each item and picking only those of perfection. He hand selects each crop and harvests the finest of organic goods to be sent directly back to Boston.

The area of the Tavoliere Delle Puglia tableland sits within the Apulia region along the country's southeastern peninsula that was Fabio's playground growing up. It is widely recognized as one of the most agriculturally fertile and diverse areas in the world. The Gargano promontory lies along the Adriatic Sea and is blooming with natural conditions in which the torrential rivers lend themselves to the productivity of the land, ensuring the growth of the world's finest olives, among other delicacies.

As Fabio increased the importation of his Di Molfetta premium extra virgin olive oil, he sought to answer an increased demand by adding other gourmet products of the highest quality. Today, the best New England chefs rely on Pure Italian to supply them with superior authentic Italian foods, many of which are certified organic.

Fabio is passionate to the point he seeks out companies that share his vision. Amongst importing authentic italian nibbles Pure Italian is also proud to be bringing the Marramiero vineyards brand to the Boston region.

“You should never neglect work, but desire it and embrace it, wherever it may come from, for in work you will find or regain lost faith, peace of mind and well-being.” This sentence sums up the spirit of one man, Dante Marramiero, whose whole ethos in life revolved around work. This ethos stemmed from the agricultural background into which Dante Marramiero was born and to which he remained attached throughout his life, despite his entrepreneurial commitments in various other sectors. It was in the early 1990's that Dante Marramiero, the founder of the company was drawn to the beautiful landscape which sweeps rapidly down from the peaks the Gran Sasso mountain across the gentle hills of “Sant’Andrea” farm towards the sea. Determined to bring life to his vision for developing the vineyard on this land which had belonged to his family for over a century and where vines originated in the early 1900's then had been replanted in the 60's and 70's, by processing the grapes, ageing and bottling the wine.

His valuable and extensive legacy has now passed to his son Enrico, working closely with Antonio Chiavaroli who shares the same values and objectives, and relying also on the expertise of the oenologist Romeo Taraborrelli. The most recent amongst those who have joined the company to add to the continual drive for improvement is the agronomist Emanuele Leopardi. Together, they have patiently undertaken the slow and painstaking work of combining the best that nature and technology can offer. However, it must be pointed out that what goes on in the Marramiero winery has never been thought of as merely work, but rather it is an adventure they take pride in, one characterized by a love for the land and a desire to preserve a profound attachment to Abruzzo. The vineyard is the Marramiero family's home, the place where their roots and all they hold most dear can be found.

Today, Pure Italian’s main mission is to spread the true flavors of traditional Italian cuisine throughout the New England area. They guarantee the highest quality through a careful selection of products and manufacturers, which counts more than thousands of items including organic food, gluten free alternatives, fresh and aged Italian imported cheese and cured meats, exclusive high ends wines , first choice Italian fresh truffles , luxury caviar and so much more delicacies. Fabio continues to grow his company into one that honors, and passes along, long-held Italian traditions.

The quality of product is right in the name, Pure Italian. An intimate company that transforms their devotion of delivery into an authentic experience in your kitchen. Pure Italian is located at 450 Arsenal Street, Watertown Ma. You may contact them by calling 617-372-1659 or emailing You can follow them on Instagram at @pureitalianllc, check out their product and purchase at Pure Italian, eccellenza sulla tua tavola!

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