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Thog Street Style is the Supreme Brand of OKC

Oklahoma City’s “Two Heads on Gold” is making a fashionable statement by bringing two great minds together with the ambition of completing a goal for the culmination to be gold.

Thog is a funk brand focused on the fellas with a mainstream of t-shirts and hoodies with hard emblems and slogans. The looks are fitted with a slight swag of baggy to keep it street. The shirt line features photos of hip hop greats, athletes, simplistic brand representation and incorporating that solid OKC look or deep purple and orange that run deeps in the city.

This thread of life is not just for the gents yet also for the ladies. Past collections have featured crop tops, fitted shorts with that comfort feel of fabric choice, fly draw strings perfect to pair with a body suit, backpacks and more.

The key to his must have flavor is that when he drops a shirt that’s it. If you don’t grab it right away, you won’t his collections are there until their gone. This supreme brand of OKC is worn by the city’s top rappers and DJ’s. One of OKC’s hottest artists, Grand X National was spotted sporting the “aimer la vie” t-shirt in the streets of the city.

Ghana native Graham’ Anang is the mastermind behind the creations. Moving to OKC when he was 12 years old found his way into the fashion game there yet expressing his roots in each piece. Scene&Style was able to snag some one on one time with the designer. When asking Graham, “What is the inspiration behind your work?” He replied “To get people to learn to work together and achieve something. To inspire someone that’s stuck in life with something and that thing just might be someone coming in to share their ideas. Also, to give OKC something really special as well. Make people talk about the city not just the Thunder or Sooners but fashion, street fashion, Thog.” Asking, “Who is your target audience?” Anang confidently said, “Everyone.” Closing out, “What is coming up for your brand; events, collections?” Graham’ replied, “I do have a pop-up shop coming after the pandemic is over and will be sharing the location and date via my Instagram. As for a new collection, there is always one in the works.”

Two Heads on Gold, “Thog” is a creating a fashion culture all its own in the heart of Oklahoma City. A lifestyle brand that is exclusive to each release. To see more of what they have to offer visit them on Instagram at “twoheadsongold” where you can DM them to grab your gear.

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