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The fashion industry is one of the most competitive markets to break into. There are millions of brands, retail shelf space is not only expensive yet with the online ere becoming a declining trend. Now what to do when you begin your artistic journey or continue to thrive when your age becomes more than just a number?

Boston fashion week took a focused direction last year with each day being dedicated to an important topic of how to flourish in the business.

A trio of talent Kristie Raymond from Human Kind Casting, Kathy Benharris of KB Fashion Productions molded an educational event while Fashion Week Founder Jay Calderin moderated a panel discussion on ageism in the industry. The panel was made up of Boston iconic designers, models, makeup creators, photographers, and a shoe god!

Legendary fashion designer Yolanda Cellucci wowed the crowd when revealing she would be celebrating her upcoming 88th birthday. A women poised, classy and in high heels who is still seen at the front frow of fashion shows. Yolanda has been in the business for decades, notably for her stunning glamour designs and head pieces. Her advice to all was no matter what get up and start your day right. Make that bed, get out of your pajamas and even if you aren’t leaving the house put on makeup. Her message was to make yourself feel fabulous!

Shoe Designer Chris Donovan spoke from a different aspect of Agism. Chris has only begun his career in the fashion industry. He had spent most of his life being a telephone wire repair man. As all greats do, he had his aha moment and transitioned to studying fashion in Italia. Once completed, it was suggested for him to join fashion competitions to become “seen”. As he pursued the process he was continually rejected based on his age. He then decided to pivot from aspiring to work for a shoe design company to creating his own line. Chris Donovan has been recently recognized by the worldly Fashion Group International with the “Rising Star” award.

Each of the panelists spoke about their experiences, from making sure you feel good at any age to tricks of the trade. Right down to when being given an age restriction to enter a fashion contest; step on them, over them and create your own brand. The evening was beyond a blessing of ideas, information, and heartwarming inspiration to make any aspiring fashion professional motivated to keep on moving!

Recently the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) unveiled more than 100 fresh works from the museum' global fashion and textile collection, including nearly 40 recent acquisitions that spotlight the vibrant and flamboyant collection of Boston-based entrepreneur and glamour goddess of fashion Yolanda Cellucci. On Thursday May 11th the Peabody Essex Museum will be holding a cocktail celebration in the exhibit for tickets visit


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