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Bianchi Brought Boston Couture to the Big Apple

This past NYFW 2022 showed collections from all over the world and one very particular creator of couture and bridal design, Boston’s own Alexandrea Renee Bianchi.

EPN Fashion Week took place this past February in New York City, a power player in the world of fashion. Bianchi was one of many to take the runway and Scene&Style was able to catch up with the creative mind for a little insight into her sewing style.

Ali, what made you chose or were you chosen for NYFW this past spring? Bianchi replied in true artist flow of a pencil and notepad form, “I was given the opportunity to show at NYFW only a month before the show. Although I felt I wasn’t fully prepared to show my full potential, I knew this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. With that being said, I told the producers I was nervous. I knew I didn’t have thew time to come up with a full new collection. They sold me with saying, “This is a new audience, they haven’t seen your work yet. I decided to show past pieces I was most proud of and a few new ones as well.”

What was the inspiration behind the collection for the show? Ali exclaimed, “The ideas I came up with under pressure and time constraints are some of the best pieces I have ever created. Sleepless nights are where I made some of my favorite pieces for this show. I am an artist. I don’t always have a direction when I create, I just follow my heart and trust my eyes. I made three pieces the day before I left for New York. They were my new favorites. Sometimes I don’t know the direction I’m going while I create, but there is always one constant. My designs come straight from my heart, emotionally driven, each piece I create has a story behind it. Sometimes driven by pressure, sometimes driven by enlightenment, or just by a beautiful piece of fabric I find. The day of a show, the chaos in my creative soul comes to life. On that day, every single time I feel fulfillment. I am doing what I am supposed to do.”

Are you still working in sewing rooms on Newbury? Bianchi was humble in saying, “Currently I am working at L elite Bridal in Boston as a bridal consultant, tailor, and seamstress. I work on high end designer gowns such as Oscar De La Renta, Monique Chuillier, Caroline Herrera, Amsaie, Ines di Santo, Berta and Vera Wang.”

This Boston starlit may spend her days buried in fabric tailoring that one of a kind fit yet keep her on your style radar. Those sleepless nights have taken her from a School of Fashion Design graduate to 2021 Boston Fashion Awards winner in the Best Designer Couture/Formal category.

With classic silhouettes, her designs are edgy, fun, unique and flirty, while remaining timeless, elegant and feminine. Her pieces are all handmade, custom to the client. With each she focuses on creating a perfectly tailored and constructed garment.

Her collections are a combination of elegance from an era of ladylike class and a modern touch of dark punk with sexy seems. Bianchi is most certainly the future of Boston Fashion and will be showing at StyleWeek on June 16th at the Capital Grill in Providence. Visit for more on this lavish designer or follow @alexandrareneefashion


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