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Gucci & Adidas Collaborate on the Milan Runway

Each time fashion week is on the rise, a vibe of intensity begins to stir of when secrets will be revealed. I am always amazed that classic designers find a way to reinvent themselves. This one happens to hit Scene&Style in a personal way.

I generally write a review from an onsite show I cover yet it’s been a bit quite here in Boston. However, the buzz of worldly fashion had a huge headline taking all the attention, “Gucci and Adidas Collaborate for a Fall 2022 Collection.” With the most recent shock in news, I thought I would hook up a personal piece.

I must admit when I read about the alliance I immediately rented “House of Gucci” curled up and shut the rest of anything out. I had been dying to watch it anyways and intimately engaged in every minute. The scenery, the pristine vintage fashion, the dark side of glamour, the acting. Lady Gaga, Pacino, well played on the genuine Italian.

The counterpart, Adidas. A strong piece of fabric that has been a part of my life right down to the cleats I scored my first goal in. It was in 2015 that I officially tattooed the brand upon my body. Days after completing the Boston Marathon I bailed on a slow lunch shift at Tia’s Waterfront and went to permanently commit to “Impossible is Nothing” and the three stripes.

My heart belongs to the Azzuri and I bleed black and red for AC Milan. Football and fashion, that’s me! My two passions are meeting up in Milan to make a cameo. Bellissimo! Taking place in a room of magical mirrors at the Gucci Hub in Milan, the space is the metaphor of #ExquisiteGucci. As Creative Director for Gucci Alessandro Michele writes in his notes on the show, “The clothes, in fact, are capable of reflecting our image in an expanded and transfigured dimension... Wearing them, means to cross a transformative threshold where we become something else.”

The line between streetwear and luxury fashion has become so blurred, it’s downright disappeared. Now, one of the top Italian fashion houses and leading athleisure legends come together to creative and combine. Gucci’s Michele has spent the last few years reimagining the classic cuts and styles with the signature prints. He’s done it again, combining Gucci with iconic German sportswear brand Adidas’ iconic trefoil and three stripes.

Suits, jackets, dresses, and knitwear were just some pieces sent down the runway with a mixture of textures, layering and vibrant colors that accentuated. The classic three stripes were sewn down the seams of vibrant purple, green, red, and blue suits, as well as the tops of matching headwear pieces from baseball caps to berets.

Metallics and studs exploded on the runway, along with the use of furs and leathers which created electric and elegant looks. Draping oversized coats on top of mixed pattern ensembles contrasted well with the sheer and intricate lace work in geometric lines.

The Gucci x Adidas collection reimagines what the classic Adidas tracksuit could be, turning it into a hybrid formal tracksuit with the Adidas trefoil and Gucci underneath it. Accessorized head scarves, gloves and handbags also got some Adidas love.

The stitching, the placement of the three strips on the blue valor suit, solid tones, bold patterns all had me sold. The price tag is a bit out of my budget yet, as I imbedded in myself and the brand says, “Impossible is Nothing.”

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