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Hajjar's Preview to Fashion Week Set a Standard

Fashion Week always brings excitement in a transition of looks and pulling those seasonal accessories. The pre-kickoff was host to iconic designer Denise Hajjar. This legend has dawned decades of runway shows and made her mark as a producer when the morning required a pivot in location.

The New England wind whipped along the Marina Bay Boardwalk which made it undesirable for guests to lounge and admire lavish looks. Hajjar managed to alert the media, make the move indoors and lined up over two hundred seats in the Victory Point entrance for a chic style runway. Her master DJ Denise LaCarubba charmed the crowd as backstage prep concluded and out came the models who were dressed for the occasion of the frigid waterfront weather.

The first set of looks from the Denise Hajjar Boutique featured; golden tones scarves, soft grey stocking hats, bold reds in wraps and fur head bands were features in the first set of looks from the fall/winter collection.

Following were faint greys and snowy white shades in head-to-toe outfits that were perfect for a casual Sunday afternoon. Next up were models strutting sweater weather, a line of hand-woven tops with bold swag prints and always paired with fine faux fur accessories.

After plaids prints and street sway trailed along the perfectly played out runway. A fall/winter collection that featured full length jackets for a hint of style heading into the office or an embroidered button up for a warm layer at an outdoor lunch.

The final set of looks showed everyday leggings in every color to pair perfectly with a long sleeve and scarf. Each outfit also highlighted handbags for the office to a night out in the North End. Following was a pop of color in the seasonal muted trend when a blonde bombshell hit the runway in a lemon and amber layered and ended with business attire of a classic black top to a charcoal pleated skirt reminiscent of look seen in Paris streets.

As always Hajjar hits every aspect of the seasonal trends from classic tops to stylish accessories. Shop her boutique on the Marina Bay boardwalk or visit


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