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Powerful Mentors Design for Little Sister Support

Recently Big Sisters of Boston hit the Copley Plaza Hotel runway in a charitable fashion show to bring together love, support, and donations to the organization that has been severing the city for decades.

Host and Emcee Lisa Hughes from WBZ-TV CBS/Boston opened the evening with heartwarming videos from the little sisters expressing how life changing it is to have a big sister. After guests wiped away the tears of love and gratitude it was time to get the party started.

Stepping up for the girls was Board Member Max Bardeen who got the bidding going in auction off fashion where attendees helped raised over $60,000 in donations at the event.

From there it was time to get the fashion flowing! DJ Maverik set the mood for the Little sisters, big sisters, Role Models, Board Members and designers to sashay down the runway.

The designers chosen to represent the little sisters, models, and role models were a selection of Boston’s best, strong women and motivators. Kicking off the catwalk was Designer Angelica Timas with a pressed pattern into a deep leather with a lace collar and a stunning sparkle jumper that struck every time a sister moved.

Following were pastel vintage inspired dresses from the IAMKreyol brand. They took to the Big Sisters Boston stage for a fashionable mentorship focused on florals and block custom pieces. Up next was a take on a floral family collection. Showing silk textiles, a superior cerulean pattern paired with bright pops from brand LaLa Bee that strutted down the runway. Designer Melina Cortes-Nmili was arm and arm with a set of sisters from the organization at the charity fundraiser.

Making another loop around was IAMKreyol with off the shoulder courage. Little Sister Jalaya took the Big Sisters Boston stage in a block pattern paired with ruffles look and rocked every step. She showed not only a fashionable stride yet one with strength and pride for her big sister that was under the weather and unable to walk with her. She confessed to some fear yet contested she had come this far and would not turn back!

Closing out the collections was Salmagundi a Hats shop based in the heart of the North End, Boston. Some gentleman support was topped off with classic men’s accessories. It’s not just the ladies that keep Big Sisters Boston operating yet CEOs, Councilmen and a collective group of proud men.

Big Sister Association of Greater Boston was founded in 1951 by the Reverend Harold Taylor, Assistant Rector at Christ Church in Cambridge. Their mission is to ignite girls’ passion and power to succeed through positive mentoring relationships with women and enrichment programs that support girls’ healthy development. To become a Big Sister please visit


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