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Vartan W21 Collection Debuted at Henderson House

Post fashion week Designer Samuel Vartan revealed deep bold expressions in his winter collection known as “Dark City.” The event took place at the historical Henderson House in Weston, Ma. Vartan and company welcomed in fall with the unveiling of a long-awaited collection with a party that was put on pause from March of 2020.

The evening began with hors d’oeuvres and champagne rounding the room. With brand Financial Advisor Semi Spahillari greeting guests and honoring CEO John Randall of “Amigo” a service provider over the last 50 years for children and adults with autism. Amigo was the charitable partner of the event receiving a portion of proceeds from the silent auction.

The venue was absolutely breath taking, the fashion was set up to flow down a grand staircase and models to mingle through out the rooms to orchestrated audio.

Opening was a stunning chic businesswomen look, a classic black pant suit with strategic cuts fit for the board room to transitions into martini meeting. Silver seduction followed, a classic black sleeveless with a striking streak of metallic made its way down the runway.

A dark night in Armenia was portrayed with a stunning sequence of classic black in a line of chic and edgy dresses. Showed pieces were Sparkle and mesh, a simple peek a boo with leather pockets, a long full-length button down. Continuing with; leather trim to a skirt suit, a zip up with imbraided texture, a hallowed dark hooded look, cropped velvet, pinstripes, and leather details.

As the collection continued, shimmer tones fit for office and feminine attire sashayed. Dangerous dresses alongside chic business looks of took to the catwalk. The showstopper of the evening was a backless golden sex appeal silhouette. Followed was a silver suit set, aurum metal colored button down, an eye demanding black cocktail, a printed leather gown with a deep cross statement, a full-length velvet with pop up cuts.

Then a staircase closing piece, a dark side of an all-black old-world robe with laced wings worn the graceful actress Naira Zakaryan. The final walkthrough glided in grand fashion around the spectacular venue from the Samuel Vartan Collection with the designer himself taking center stage to show his gratitude to his team, guests, son, and amazing wife.

The evening did not end there, Vartan guided all into a room set for the showing of the tailor to Naira Zakaryan’s movie “Gate to Heaven” in which Samuel dressed her for the premier. From there all were invited to another round of appetizers, drinks, and dancing in the main hall late into the night.

Vartan’s Winter collection, known as “dark city,” is about being a musician, growing up in the 1980’s, living and breathing rock and roll and city night life. It is as gothic and cool as Paris, Prague, Berlin, and London after dark. Nestled into his choices of leather, suede, cashmere, tweed, satin, and velvet are whispers of the art deco movement, film noir and the classic architecture of Europe’s oldest cities. You can learn more about Vartan on his website or shop his latest collection at


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