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LaFauci Shines on Color in Couture Runway

Boston Fashion Week 2017 came to a close at The W Hotel with Color In Couture. The evening was hosted by an America’s Next Top Model Bre Scullark and Joshua Steele with production from Junior and Rose Vipent of VOGE FASHION RUNWAY to support The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center.

Ann Marie LaFauci Collection

Guests gathered in a hall of the hotel where VIP seating lined the walls and a runway came right down the middle. The show started off with a warm welcome came from celebrity host Bre Scullark expressing her excitement to be in Boston. The fashion got going with; Josefa Disilva a local Boston designer showing a worldly inspired collection of exotic dresses, furs, using plastics and glitter to pull it all together. Another local Allexandra Bianchi who took her studies of stitching to Italy and brought back to Boston a line that was worthy of a Milan runway. Bianchi highlighted dresses, crop tops, skirts even a wedding looks that featured a beautiful embroidered patterns. Other collections showed such as; Shaco Couture, Janabay, Yannery Burgos, and even designer Joe Malaka made time to hit the stage while showing off his personal outfit for the event.

Allexandra Bianchi Collection

The attention of the evening went to designer and city sensation Ann Marie LaFauci. Known for designing high end energetic pieces and her bathing suit lines LaFauci gave the guests not only swimwear style fit for an A list Miami pool party but took it casual and to the club with her metropolis looks. She featured sheer tops, patterned miniskirts, leathers, glitter and even stylish relaxed jumpers fit to still stand out on a Sunday. The staple of the collection was for a night out in the city with a sequin skirt, a black crop top paired with cuffed jewelry, rocking heels and hair and makeup from Salon Viari in Malden.

Ann Marie LaFauci Collection

Color in Couture was one of the final shows to present for Boston Fashion Week 2017 with support to The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center. For more information visit and search Autism program.

*All video and photo by Scene&Style

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