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Reina Valentina Makes a Fashionable Debut

The new and very formal fabulous online boutique Reina Valentina put the word out on the Boston Fashion Week calendar that they have a must-see product. They highlighted looks in a show at the sexy lounge area in the Seaport Residences.

There was a visual insight to the team behind the trending store in tiffany type photo frames of the girls placed upon the candy and cake filled tables. The roped off room for networking oozed elegance from the fresh flowers that were lining the space from wall to wall.

The second you stepped outside onto the roof deck you were memorized by the beautiful view of a skyline of Boston. Also greeted by sick beats from DJ Alcide who at one point was counter part to the live entertainment from a magnificently talented electric violinist. As you made your way to the back with the wadding waterfall and full deck furniture there were Pricklee flavored cocktails and freshly grilled treats.

Once the overflowing number of guests were spread into separate sides the fashion hit the perfectly placed runway. The Rock Royalty Collection stood true to its name being looks like deep navy-blue dresses with long flowing length and a deep V-neck cut or a knee length off the shoulders topped with commanding jeweled crowns began to flood the runway. Cutesy pants suit options with flashy jackets made their way, sexy leather and lace tops, simple silk camisoles, bold patterned pants, the collection had it all. Whatever the modern woman with a classic eye may be looking for from work to play can be found in the Rock Royalty shopping cart.

Reina Valentina is a women’s modest chic fashion online boutique. They are committed to women being fully self-expressed by providing them a blend of modesty and contemporary style. They support the empowerment of women business owners and socially conscious brands by sourcing and sharing stories from these women.

They aren’t all about the dollar Reina Valentina believes in; Empower, Promote, Share & Give Back! They give a portion of proceeds to The Hunger Project.

Boston keep your eyes peeled for theses beautiful business ladies whom also run a marketing company. These women have impressive professional skills and a chic online boutique with a fresh approach to traditional designs. So, girls take a virtual tour and for your seasonal multifunctional pieces or contact the boutique at .

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