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The Liberty Hosts LaFauci and Sarian for a Seductive Valentine's Show

With Boston once again on a championship high, Saint Valentine is swinging in to keep the mood flowing and coming with a jam-packed show of jewels that represent the city. Fashionably Late at the Liberty Hotel is holding their annual event falling on the day of love and lust Thursday February 14th.

Fun and flirty night wear creator Ann Marie LaFauci is once again pairing up with chic handbag designer Shaunt Sarian. Last year the two lit the Liberty runway with sexy lingerie and posh paired clutches. This year welcoming guests onto the red-hot carpet are hosts; Danielle Rocco with Next Level of You Reality Show and Renee Wagner of the Dream Rose Magazine, both beauties will be wearing Samuel Vartan dresses. Vartan is another staple in the cities style with his romantic look and dynamic cuts.

Scene&Style was able to catch up with designer Lafauci for a quick tid bit on what to expect at the show. Ann Marie gushed, “These are pieces unique to the Valentine’s Day Celebrations at the Liberty. I generally create women’s wear and bathing suits, but when asked to make a sexy Valentine collection, I make just that! Last year was a blast, I worked with crystals, beading and made some funky crosses, some gothic and super sexy looks in red and black and wild feathers. Of course, the gorgeous ladies walking always make the look that much better! This year I’m into some glamorous sequins, crazy vinyls and faux leather stretch fabrics, maybe add some funky embellishments this week. There is Lots of color in these pieces, I’m still working and looking forward to another fun sexy cool event.”

When asked what is in store for 2019 LaFauci commented, “Exciting things on my horizon this year not only with my own brand collections but also with the launch of the Dream Rose Magazine, in stands this spring. Also, our stage set to the magazine during the Wednesdays live show which we air live interviews, photo shoots and discuss, promote and try our contributor brands live on the round table! This week we shoot our first episode which can be scene very soon on our website, our YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages as well. In closing I’d like to add that we are honored to have the beautiful, talented and super cool Angie Cornacchio on board to cover the Scene & Style segment (her mainstay article very popular on the Boston Fashion Scene). Looking forward to great things ahead!”

With so many moving parts and artists of all kinds combining for this Valentine edition, Scene&Style caught up with Danielle Datilio Rocco. When asked what part she will be playing next week Rocco replied, “I am attending the fashion show as a contributing writer of Dream Rose magazine and to Renee as part of The Next Level of You reality show. Renee is the 1 of 2 clients that will be highlighted during series 1. The Next level of You is a reality show that shows the journey of different women letting go of self-sabotage by breaking emotional patterns to live into their self-worth and purpose.”

Rocco continued with, “The 2019 vision for the Daily Dose of Dani is to reach as many people through social media, magazines, tv and events as possible. Daily Dose of Dani to talk about the unspoken normal everyday thoughts and behaviors we have that do not always align with our goals. Letting people know you are not alone on the journey of life and you can create change and achieve any goal you have.”

In closing out the conversation Rocco exclaimed, “My mission statement to help women stop self-sabotaging by breaking emotional patterns to regain their self-worth and purpose. I specialize in men's primal state coaching. Primal State coaching is founded by Coach Dani. Primal State coaching is based on the primitive makeup of the man and the women and understanding the shift between men and women that is happening. Readers can follow me on my social media platforms which is on my website for my Daily Dose of Dani also The Next Level You launches March 8th 3:00 EST on”

Join this fresh crew of fashionable Bostonians in the stunning setting of the old jail house at the Liberty Hotel on Thursday February 14th. The runway show begins at 9 pm yet door open at 8 pm with plenty of on-site entertainment from resident DJ Frank White, Dream Rose Magazine and more.

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